The Syria Tracker Crisis Map is without doubt one of the most impressive crisis mapping projects yet. Launched just a few weeks after the protests began one year ago, the crisis map is spearheaded by a just handful of US-based Syrian activists have meticulously and systematically documented 1,529 reports of human rights violations including a total of 11,147 killings.

Patrick Meier

Syria Tracker crowdsources citizen reports on human rights violation since the conflict began in April 2011. In addition to documenting atrocities and fighting during the conflict, Syria Tracker hopes to provide detailed metrics on fatalities and preserve the name, location, and details of each victim.

Over 4500 reports have been submitted since the map was launched, and users have called it “the most accurate estimate of the death toll yet.” SyriaTracker data has been used in a variety of outlets, USAID, WashPost, etc. They're a great example of a 'non-authoritative' source becoming really valuable data source.