WHO recently declared the novel coronavirus, dubbed COVID-19 a global pandemic. It is wreaking havoc globally, threatening to bring the world to a standstill. Lockdowns have become the order of the day in cities and countries world wide. In the wake of this pandemic, Governments and humanitarian response organisations are putting in every effort to respond to this crisis. Local communities are also self organising to support groups that have been hardest hit and are most vulnerable to the effects of coronavirus. In the wake of this pandemic, are you looking for help deploying the Ushahidi platform? Or are you looking to find ways to support existing efforts to respond to this crisis? Please get in touch with us and we will work together to help you get started.

Watch this crowdsourcing data module from The Governance Lab's Collective Crisis Intelligence Course by Ushahidi co-founder, Juliana Rotich and Executive Director, Angela Oduor Lungati

What you can do to help

Ushahidi's focused on ensuring equal access to resources ( tech, information, and skills) to help people solve problems in their communities. We've built an open source tool for the benefit of a large global community improving the world for themselves and others, holding governments accountable, and raising their voices to be more powerful together. Ushahidi has been used for 12 years whenever there’s a crisis or disaster, but with a worldwide pandemic, there is a surge in need for support globally. Today, we are reaching out to ask for your help to make Ushahidi Platform better and amplify the work of others.

If you have skills or resources that you want to put to work in favor of those who depend on our tools, and some free time (which we fully acknowledge is a privilege not everyone has) this is an unprecedented opportunity to do so.

Some specific areas where we need help

1. Improve our tech: Head over to our COVID19-page for specific for developers to learn more.

2. Create awareness: Write a blog post about your experience using Ushahidi Platform V3+ and what you learned from it, then share it with us so we can amplify and help others who are setting up their first Ushahidi Platform deployment.

3. Donate to Ushahidi: We have 11 people on staff who are working round the clock to provide support to users responding to this crisis. Your support allow us to increase our capacity and make sure we can maintain our operational ability to help others throughout this long-term crisis.

Deployments related to COVID-19

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