The Ushahidi Platform helps communities turn information into action with an intuitive and accessible crowdsourcing and mapping tool. By enabling the rapid collection, management and analysis of crowdsourced information, Ushahidi empowers everyone—individuals, community groups, governments, activists, organizations—to create meaningful change.

The Platform has become an essential tool in addressing social, political and public health challenges and fostering meaningful change, including:

  • Relief efforts following earthquakes in Haiti and Nepal
  • Supporting COVID-19 response and recovery
  • Ensuring fair elections in the US, Kenya and Nigeria
  • Monitoring and reporting corruption in Indonesia
  • Documenting police brutality in Portland during Black Lives Matter protests
  • Helping women address sexual violence in Egypt
  • And more…
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Platform Benefits

Holistic data gathering platform and integrated tools:

The Ushahidi Platform brings together multiple data-gathering tools and services to save time and simplify processes, allowing users to focus on their goals and objectives rather than the tools that help them achieve them.

Accessible, easy-to-use and open-source:

Our Platform is intended to be used by anyone, anywhere, and is flexibly built using a mobile-first approach to ensure device and network compatibility around the world. We also make our tools open-source in the spirit of improving technology accessibility and affordability to all.

Available globally in dozens of languages

With deployments in more than 160 countries and over 40 languages, the Ushahidi Platform provides value and helps communities achieve solutions around the world.

Dedicated support and expertise:

Our team is committed to helping users and their deployments succeed and offers strategic support and training to help users meet their goals.

Data collection

Gather submissions from anyone, anytime, anywhere

Multiple sources
Receive reports from many sources, SMS, email, and Twitter
SMS submissions
Collect posts via SMS when you connect with an SMS gateway or SMSsync
Custom surveys
Bring together multiple data types with custom forms
iOS & Android
Submit reports and view maps from our mobile apps.

Data management

Manage and triage reports with filters and workflows

Filters & Saved Searches
Retrieve the right data with filters and save your search to pick up where you left off
Send your posts through multiple stages so you can respond effectively
Keep your data manageable by grouping data sets into collections
Team collaboration
Work together with multiple user roles to make sure everyone sees only what they need

Data visualization

Map submissions and chart what happened

Multiple maps
Map tiles including street and satellite provided by Open Street Maps, MapQuest, and more
Data sources
Map and visualize data streams from third parties like Twitter, Twillio, SMSSync, Nexmo, FrontlineSMS, and email
Configurable charts
Chart your work with configurable bar and timelines views

Automatic alerts

Receive alerts about changes and updates

Email notification
Create custom alerts to see when a post is added or updated
SMS alerts
Mobile alerts about urgent changes to your deployment

Enterprise systems

Let our team help you build and scale your deployment

Private deployments
Make your deployment private so only your internal organization or community can see it
Custom user roles
Setup user roles with only the features that your team needs to use
Support & hosting
Get a private secure hosting environment and direct support from our team of expert deployers
Setup & migration
We can setup your deployment and migrate existing data

Case Studies